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ICRP is a Global, Full Service Market Research Consultant
Help businesses to understand their Audience

We provide high quality insights which deliver against key business objectives and inform messaging.

Who We Are?

Founded in 2012, International Centre for Research and Promotion (ICRP) is Indian based multinational research and promotion agency serving clients from diverse field. Our diverse Clientele best defines us; we have worked directly and on contract basis for commercial, educational, foreign survey projects. An evidence-based problem solvers, we are not only restricted to research and survey, we also help clients in promoting their offerings too.


At ICRP we never pretend on our expertise and capabilities, nor do we commit delivery that we can’t achieve and do not compromise on quality of work. Our team of market research professionals are fresh, diverse, ethically minded, and creative. We encompass qualitative and quantitative research methodology. Our database is continually updated and we pride ourselves on the quality of respondents.

Why Choose us

  • Customised Approach

    At ICRP, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a personal tailored approach using our vast experience across a wide range of markets as well as exceptional value for money. We are experts at understanding brands, consumers, stakeholders and most importantly, how to connect them.

  • Exact Solution

    ICRP will help you to solve your business challenges or appeal to your target audiences by using custom solutions. ICRP offer expertise across many methodologies, and developed unique and innovative solutions, which you can use to analyse your concept and understand consumer choices and solve business problems.

  • Ethical Conducts

    We strictly follow the codes of conduct and the data protection, giving our clients the confidence that the fieldwork we carry out and other market research services we provide will be conducted to the highest possible industry standards.

Sectors & Industries
We Serve

Research and Promotion is a vertical applicable in almost all the industries. We cater and specialise in sectors and industries targeting B2C vertical. Our sensible, compelling methodology provides consumer & business market research services that are noticeable, relevant, enabling and challenging. With the passage of time and with the completion of multiple sector projects we have developed expertise in Business service, Industrial product launch, not for profit organisations, Public Relation & communications, technology, etc.

Practice Areas

We provide high quality insights which deliver against key business objectives and inform messaging.

Audience Research

Understanding who you want to engage with using relevant audience research strategies is crucial to helping you build your brand and influence. Based on your objective, our work will help you to: Understand audience motivation, solve your customers’ problems, Answer your target audience’s needs their thinking and behaviour.

Brand Research

Understanding the way the brand is regarded, the associations it enjoys and its position in the market are essential for it to remain relevant and appealing. We can provide information and data on the awareness and visibility levels. How your brand can be positioned to address customers’ needs and promotion among them.

Market Understanding

No two markets are the same, understanding markets is challenging, time consuming and being truly objective isn’t always easy. The insights we provide to our clients helps them quantifying the market size and likely growth rates, understanding the competitive landscape. Identifying the market segments which hold the greatest opportunity.

Content Creation

It is important to speak in the tone and language your target market understands and will pay heed to. We at ICRP have acquired the master in creating content for the promotion of your message to your end users in an effective manner. We create content that speaks directly to your audience and builds a conversation around your brand.

Product Development

Every single consumers will express same need but in different language, get into the DNA of customers and understand: habits, beliefs, preferences, motivations and the unmet needs that exist. Get feedback on our ideas and our interpretation of their needs. This helps to make consumer think that this is the product they were looking for.

International Research

We’ve conducted market research internationally for numerous clients across a myriad of areas. International research can be quite challenging, given the language and cultural barrier. ICRP has international presence and partner representatives of different country understand the pulse of their respective country and people.
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Recent Projects

Glimpse of our recently conducted research works.

Muslim Travel Lifestyle & Landscsape.

It was a joint venture of U.S based Dinar Standard and Singapore based Crescent rating. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the Muslim friendly hospitality industry of non-Muslim countries, targeted towards airlines, tourism destinations, and hotels/resorts. To complete this subject primary and secondary research techniques were used. This project was awarded to us by Blossom Media Pvt. Ltd.
Accuracy Rate

Salah Time indicator
for Indonesia & Malaysia.

Mumbai based Abdullah Electronics has developed a first of its kind product, which is automated salah time indicator for mosques, homes and offices. After a good hold in Indian market, as territory expansion, we explored Malaysia and Indonesia for the marketing of their products. Our findings suggest that their products have great opportunity in these regions.
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Consumer Credibility Report of Asian Brands.

We reached common consumers for their opinion on what brands; companies from Asia they feel deserve the title of ‘Iconic Brand of Asia based on its performance. Within three months of the research we were able to confidently dissect precisely what feature an iconic brand possesses in order to maintain its relevance and purpose. The experience was amazing, challenging and satisfying.
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